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There are currently 8 answers to frequently asked questions:
I have just changed my business name, can I edit it on my Easy Invoicing ?
I don't have Microsoft Access, do I need to buy a copy first?
I had a virus and lost all my programs, do I have to buy another copy?
The printed invoices are not quite what I need, can I get a modified copy of Easy Invoicing?
Are updates free?
Can I sell my copy to someone else?
Can I install 2 copies on 1 pc?
Can I move my Easy Invoicing UK 8 to another computer?
Answer: Yes, but we need to lock your copy into demo mode first, then you can alter the business name before we re-register it for you. It's quickest and easiest to do this over the phone:
Please click here for details
Answer: No, we have an Easy Invoicing which includes a FREE copy of Microsoft Access. You can also download a FREE copy of MIcrosoft Access (2007 Runtime Edition) from Microsoft's web site:
click here to visit Microsoft's web page
Answer: No, of course not. If you need to re-install the program, we look up your original order details and provide you with a new Unlock Code.
Answer: Yes, we are happy to quote for providing a modified copy.
Answer: Yes - you are entitled to a copy of the latest version of the software free of charge - that is any version 8. Version 9 for example would be a different product and is not part of the free entitlement.
Answer: No - you cannot lawfully sell your licence to somebody else or use the program with another business.
Answer: Yes - but make sure your second copy installs into a different folder to the first copy or the first one will be wiped out.
Answer: Yes, you need to download and install a demo version first. When you have done this you can move your whole Easy Invoicing UK folder to the new computer.
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