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Submitted by Mark Ward on: 12-09-2013
I've had Easy Invoicing for about 3-4 years and tried many other low cost systems with great disappointment. Recently my hard drive gave up the ghost, panic set in and tried with some minor success to get the information off my old hard drive and place on the new one.but still wasn't right. Decided to give support a call and spoke to Garry who sorted the problem with ease. The service was second to none and would certainly be recommending Easy Invoicing just because of it's simplicity of use. Thanks again Garry for your help. Regards Mark Ward
Submitted by Cathy Grimmer on: 12-10-2012
That's wonderful, Garry. You're a lifesaver! All working fine now. Thank you so much for coming back to me so quickly - I hardly had time to stress out about not being able to bill!
Submitted by Paul - PDC Computing on: 11-09-2012
I have been using Easy Invoicing for the best part of a year and I would like to say I am very pleased. Prior to using it all our invoicing was done with a spreadsheet. As an IT Support Company we donít recommend software lightly. We are 100% happy with EasyInvoicing and have no hesitation promoting it. I have suggested your product to a number of people who have purchased it and who are also very happy.
Submitted by David on: 30-06-2012
Thank you so much for your assistance. For us you have an ideal product which I would be delighted to endorse for anyone with a similar requirement.
Submitted by Graeme Scott on: 16-06-2012
I would just like to say a HUGE thank you to Gary for fixing our invoicing programme through just an absolute great knowledge of product and a wonderful customer attitude.
Submitted by Maurice Murphy on: 01-06-2012
Well , that sort of service merits an appreciation which I gladly give. It really is a good programme and excellent value.
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