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Submitted by anon on: 22-03-2011
Thanks that excellent I have been trying out a few software’s to buy and this one by far is the best! It’s very clear and easy to use.
Submitted by Gwyn Richards on: 18-02-2011
.I am extreemly impressed.Your product is first class.I will promote it to my business collleagues as a thankyou.
Submitted by Ian Palmer on: 13-01-2011
Just to let you know that over 12 months on, we still find your software invoicing package absolutely perfect for our business – thank you.
Submitted by Krystyna on: 05-01-2011
I must say that EI is brilliant; it does everything that our small business needs. Thank you.
Submitted by Kees Westerweele on: 14-11-2010
We are using a copy of your software since March 2009 and I must say I am very happy using it. One of our activities is a small bakery shop wherefrom we not only deliver to direct customers (who visit our shop) but also deliver bake-off products to a few smaller shops. For that I don’t need stock control and a direct link to our accounting software, just delivery note and invoice printing. The ‘no-nonsense’ approach of your software is perfect for me. I already made >500 invoice without any problem……perfect!
Submitted by Roger on: 28-10-2010
Still abso-bloody-lutely great! Probably the best and most reliable program I have. Thanks very much indeed
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