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Submitted by Nathan on: 29-01-2008
Thanks for the speedy reply, great service and great product.
Submitted by Jay on: 24-01-2008
All in all I am impressed with this programme.
Submitted by Ian on: 23-01-2008
I have had my version for three years now and have been very pleased with it. Thanks Great Program
Submitted by Daniel Kinder on: 26-09-2007
I have only just recently gone self-employed and it's a pain in the arse doing invoices and trying to make them look good between, Ph*t*shop and w*rd. This is just to simple to be true though! I was looking at buying inv*ice2g*.. which costs up to 99 but a thought, why? The other one does the job! Well done with your success and I wish you the best of luck in the future. Thank you,
Submitted by Daniel on: 25-09-2007
I have just this minute purchased your Easy Invoicing UK software and I must say if the demo is anything to go by is amazing just how easy and clever the software is.
Submitted by Cheers, Simon on: 12-09-2007
I love using your easy invoicing it is so easy...
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