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Submitted by Olivier Picard on: 17-11-2006
Well done for providing such a user friendly product. I tried 10 other products and they are all far too complex (and american!). Yours is definitly the best out there.
Submitted by Domquark on: 15-11-2006
What a wonderful program - exactly what I had been looking for (can't wait for the Pro version) - 5 (very large) Stars!
Submitted by Nadeem Nabi on: 03-10-2006
This is a fantastic, simple and straight forward product. It does exactly what it says on the box! In the era of over engineering products and consequently making them unuseable, this is a breath of fresh air. I run a football league, I'm good at organising, planning and thinking ahead...I'm not a software engineer. This product has been used by us for the past 6 months without complaints. The club managers have all said that they appreciate the structure and clarity of the invoices. It helps me keep track of what is owed. Fab. Keep me updated with developments, I'll buy the next version!!!
Submitted by Paul Maloney on: 06-04-2006
Who'd have thought Access could do all this? - excellent and very useful !
Submitted by ricki on: 01-04-2006
Fast Delivery on a CD Rom and just installed and within seconds I've set up my accounting system read to go Ace little product look forward to looking at the pro version
Submitted by RichardsonDA on: 26-03-2006
Its quick simple and emails as well which is FANTASTIC!!! I dumpted all my other trial software and payed for this within hours of download and testing...... A++
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